How To Clean Channel Drainage

March 18, 2022
March 18, 2022 admin

How To Clean Channel Drainage

Do you have a problems with channel drainage at your property? Here's a few tips to help


Drainage channels, otherwise known as trench or linear drainage channels, are used to remove unwanted surface water away from an area. Channel drainage is an imperative component of your drainage system to maintain, especially within high rainfall locations such as the South East.

Without correct maintenance, channel drains can experience clogging or blocking of soil, leaves and other debris. Over time, this can impact the effectiveness of your drainage system, allowing the area to become prone to flooding and overflows. Protective grating above the drains can also become damaged and warped as a result of everyday use. If unrepaired or uncleaned, this can expose the drain and increase the risk of foreign objects entering the system.

As channel drains are often located in public-facing areas, there is an external concern for potential pedestrian risks, driving hazards and business liabilities unless they are correctly maintained.


How to clean and maintain channel drains

Fortunately, channel drains are both quick and easy to maintain. Once removing the grate using keys, bolts or locking systems, you will be able to remove unwanted foreign objects by flushing the channel drainage with water. However, if the drain becomes damaged or the blockage is stubborn, we recommend calling Pro flow Essex to help you assess first-hand the repair needed to mitigate further causes of concern.