Homebuyers Drain Survey

May 11, 2022
May 11, 2022 admin

Homebuyers Drain Survey

Are you moving home? Get a Homebuyer report before you move

A top priority when purchasing your new home should be getting a complete appraisal of your drainage through a homebuyers report. Although an often-overlooked process, having your drainage system examined and approved before moving in can help you avoid future issues including defective pipes, blocked sewage and more. It’s these reasons why we recommend having a complete CCTV Drain Survey.


When buying a home, the only way you’re going to get a good deal is if you know exactly what you’re buying. There’s a lot that you can see with your own eyes and, if you’re savvy, you will have a home buyer’s report or a surveyor to help you uncover a lot more. However, there’s a part of the home that you can’t see quite as easily: the drainage.

Most of us don’t give the drainage much thought; that is until it becomes a problem. But when you’re moving into a home, you could be inheriting a range of drainage issues that are lurking under the surface. That’s why you should consider a CCTV Drain survey to ensure that you’re getting the full picture.


What is a CCTV Drain Survey?

Underlying drainage issues can be identified using our Pro flow Essex CCTV camera system; generating a full inspection both inside of the pipes and your entire home. Once inspections are complete, we will provide you with the recorded CCTV footage and a full diagram of your drainage system, providing transparency over the discovered areas of concern and giving expert insight as to how we can resolve the issues found.


Using CCTV camera systems, pro flow Essex can fully inspect the inside of the pipes throughout the entire home. Once the inspection is done, the team can highlight any underlying issues you might have missed, as well as providing the USB footage so you can look over it again. You will even receive a diagram of the drainage system so you can follow along with the recorded footage and see the exact location of issues within the drains. Pro flow Essex also includes recommendations on how to resolve any of the issues found by the CCTV Drain Survey.


Problems you might find with a CCTV Drain Survey

Left unseen and untreated, there are many issues that could impact the future performance of your drainage systems, including burst pipes, major leaks, replacement fees and even structural damage to your home.

A common issue we regularly resolve includes tree roots which can dig deep underneath your home and find their way into your drainage system. Tree roots search for the closest point of moisture, entering via cracks or misaligned joints found in your pipes which can be a cause for concern. With growth, tree roots can expand the gaps in drains and even block pipes which can often require a full replacement of your drainage system.

Another problem we may find through a CCTV Drain Survey is that your drainage system is not up-to-date with the current safety regulations. It’s up to you, as a home buyer, to ensure that your pipes are up-to-date to avoid causing sewage that could contaminate natural water sources.

Our Pro flow Essex CCTV Drain Survey can also uncover interior issues including rat infestations and surface flooding. We can help to identify initial cracks or gaps that can allow water or rodents into your drainage system.

How necessary is it to get a picture of the health of your drains, really? It could be more crucial than you might think. There is a range of issues you could spot that, left unseen and untreated, could result in leaks, burst pipes, replacement fees, and even structural damage to the home.

For instance, roots from nearby trees can dig deep underground and infiltrate the home, including the drainage system. Roots automatically search for moisture and your pipes could be the perfect feeding spot for them. A small gap in a misaligned joint or a single crack can give them the wiggle room they need to grow inside. As they grow, not only will they wide gaps in the drain, but they can block the pipe, sometimes to the point that you may have to entirely replace your drainage.

We might also spot drainage systems that aren’t up to date with the current regulations. Out-of-date or illegal drainage systems can cause sewage to contaminate natural water sources. It’s the responsibility of the current owner to replace these systems. Even if you’re not the one who installed them, if you buy the home and later discover illegal drainage, you may have to pay to replace them.

A CCTV Drain Survey can also find the source of interior problems like rat infestations and surface flooding, by finding the initial cracks or gaps that might let them into the system. There are a host of issues this procedure can uncover.


The benefits of getting a CCTV Drain Survey

You may be questioning whose responsibility it is to assess and take care of the essential repairs of your drainage system. If you have already purchased your new home by the time you discover any issues, they are your responsibility. Before signing key contracts, we recommend having a CCTV Drain Survey to uncover any drainage issues, making it the responsibility of the seller to fix any problems.


By doing this, you can:

  • Save money you would otherwise have to spend on repairs
  • Have peace of mind that drainage problems will not arise once you have moved in

One of many benefits of having a CCTV Drain Survey is that it is both a quick and easy process, taking around two hours to complete. After completion, we will provide you with the full CCTV footage and expert solutions to any concerns found.

The question of responsibility when it comes down to essential repairs to the drains is all about ownership. If you have already bought the home by the time you discover drainage problems, they’re your responsibility. A CCTV Drain Survey can help you uncover those issues before you sign any contracts, meaning it’s the responsibility of the seller to fix it. There are plenty of benefits to this:

  • You save money you would otherwise have to spend on repairs, which can be costly.
  • You ensure that you’re not going to have any problems with blocked pipes any time soon.
  • The process is quick and easy, taking around two hours to complete.
  • The DVD and recommendations from the team serve as concrete proof of major issues.

It’s essential that you arrange for a CCTV Drain Survey before you buy the home, so you’re not on the hook for any of the fixes that the team recommends.


Arrange your CCTV Drain Survey today

Even if you have already purchased your home, a CCTV Drain Survey is always recommended. The sooner we uncover any potential problems your drainage system may be experiencing, the better. We aim to uncover any underlying issues before they become expensive concerns. If you’re building an extension, having a pest problem, experiencing surface flooding or any other persistent drainage problems, you should consider a CCTV Drain Survey today.

The sooner you uncover any potential problems lingering beneath a house that you intend to buy, the better. However, a CCTV Drain Survey is a good idea even if you have already bought the home, helping you uncover issues before they become even more expensive concerns. If you’re building an extension, have a pest problem, experience surface flood or any other persistent drainage problems, you should consider a CCTV Drain Survey.